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Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Being ''grown up'' is stupidity

When i was a kid,i used to admire grownups.They looked so much in charge and were extremely controlling.They were small gods.They were saints.I thought they never messed up.I used to admire the way they would tell us(me and my friends)never to climb trees or never to play far away from home.I always marveled at the way they tended to know everything and could smell the mischief one had done.To me they were ''genius detectives''.I now know, all that was empty observation, clouded in childhood innocence.

As i grow older,the world becomes real.I sometimes convince myself that am becoming ''wiser.''I know the creator intended the world to be a place of love,peace...etc but humanity never cares.I now see the horror,terror and ineptitude of the grownups with my own naked eyes.Humanity has turned into ''little devils.''
I know you may be squirming and you are like,''but we are not born perfect.''I can't agree with you!Making mistakes does not mean  humanity lacks perfectness.I believe in perfectness of human beings.Yeah,i mean it.Humanity was mean't for perfectness in the world but we cultivated a culture of imperfectness and adopted it to be true.

Look at the world,how are grownups  messing the world?Look at the calamities that have pervaded or are pervading the world;floods,fires,earthquakes,global warming and now the corona pandemic that has brought the world to a standstill.Do all these occurs on themselves?They don't! Nada. Zilch.Humanity causes them.And its the grownups.You can't blame toddlers.They depend on the grownups to think for them.You can't blame nature.Nature  doesn't think.It depends on humanity.It reacts to what man does to it.

Who makes the world lack peace? Who bombed the World Trade Center?The American Embassy?Dusit  D2? Definitely,grownups!Who funds the terrorists who are becoming a thorn in our flesh?Probably some grownup somewhere.

Who impoverishes their countries public coffers?Who receives government money for services  not rendered?Who bribes to win political office?Grownups not teenagers.Have you ever seen a teenage Member of parliament?senator?governor?president?Nope.Who bewitched us grownups?Satan!Hmm! We are our own witches!Period.

Look at your life.Are you making the world better?Why do you harbour negativity?Why?Are you a proud grownup? 

Grownups need to stop the stupidity and mature.The world needs perfect grownups!